1. Download the zip file and extract the contents.
  2. Copy the extracted folder to any one of your messaging servers
  3. Edit the config file for simple key settings
  4. Run the exe as an Administrator

  • Applications (Also included under tools as Application Inspector)
    • Expand the applications node to get more insights into your application that would be greatly useful during debugging, checks. Each application is presented with related assemblies and corresponding artifacts.
    • Get a view of your map from the tool to quickly verify if the map changes done on dev have been pushed to Production. The tools presents the map XSLT which is easily verifiable.
    • Get view on schema and schema properties, definition
    • Pieplines and pipeline properties

  • Deploy msi on farm
    • This helps users to deploy BizTalk Msi on ther server farm. Users need to browse the desired msi file.The tool will list all the associated actions related to the deployment process. Select the Environment for the binding file and run the desired actions. The tool also shows in there are any instances of the application that may need attention before deployment. User can terminate the instances or Save messages to File if needed before termination right from the tool. The actions also takes care of associated host instance restart that is essential step of deployment process.

image001 (2).png
  • Host Instances
    • The feature helps you quicky restart, start, stop host instances. User can operate on all the host instances in the farm and filter associated host instances per application as well for operations.

  • IIS
    • IIS includes all the IIS servers from the farm and nicely presents the most needed parts of the IIS related to day to day BizTalk operations/Administraton.
    • Manage Application pools : Create, Recycle, Delete application pools arross all servers quicky and intuitively.
    • Manage Applications : Create, Delete, Change application pool arross all servers quicky and intuitively.
    • Perform health checks of your biztalk web service : This helps users quicky check if the BizTalk exposed web services are up and running.
    • Perform IIS restarts remotely across all servers when needed

  • Deployment Health Check
    • Using this tool, users can validate if the application is installed on all servers and if same version of msi is on all the server. It also checks if all the application related resources are in GAC or not. A very efficient way to quickly validate deployments

  • BRE
    • The tool helps manage BizTalk policies and vocabularies easily. Users can deploy multiple policies and vocabularies quicky and easily. Supports Deploy, Undeploy, Publish, Delete

  • GAC
    • The feature helps resolve multi server gacing of assemblies. Easy and intuitive. Uses standard gacutil.exe

  • Additional features
    • Msi Inspector - Gives a quick Msi properties and info

  • SSO Affiliate - Helps valid user see the user mapping for SSO Affiliate applications
  • Services - Manage your multi server services from this tool. List the services on different messaging servers and supports Restart, Start, Stop of services
  • Set Handlers - Changes handlers for ports as selected

Set Handlers.png

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